Top 100 Japanese pops Artists – No.25

In the current Japanese rock music scene, from musicians to listeners, one of the most widely beloved artists is Tamio Okuda. From his days in Unicorn to the present, including producing on top of his own works, it is an invitation to chase the era.

Born May 12th, 1965, blood type B, in Hiroshima prefecture. He was the vocalist of the rock band, Unicorn, until their break up in 1993, after which he then became a solo artist. He made his solo debut in 1994 with the single “Ai no Tame ni,” followed by the solo album “29” which became a million seller. After this, he fully exhibited his abilities in a collaboration release with Inoue Yosui, “Inoue Yosui Okuda Tamio” and his producing of both PUFFY and Masatoshi Hamada. Again and again, he released hit singles like “Easy★Rider,” “Koi no Kakera,” and “Marshmallow,” and recently he has been called upon for a collaboration with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. In the current Japanese rock music scene, from musicians to listeners, there is only one artist so widely beloved. This Fall, he is expected to release his first album in two and a half years, E. Furthermore, in November 2003, his first bestof and live best of album, “Live Songs of the Years/CD” will be released. He enjoys fishing and automobiles.


I get the feeling like the author was really running out of steam by this point in time. Also, youtube has totally pulled the Marshmallow video. This is TERRIBLE news for the world of streamed music videos. Stupid copyright nonsense.


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