In 1996, three people came together, Shigeru Kishida (Vo&G), Masashi Sato (B), Nobuyuki Mori (Ds) from a circle at Ritsumeikan University to form Quruli. Their indie releases were a demo track collection released in 1997 called Moshi Moshi, then in 1998, a mini-album called Fandelia. As the live performances these released generated created a stir, in October 1998, they released a maxi single, Tokyo, which was their major debut. In February 1999, a second maxi single, Niji, and then in April, their first full album, Sayonara Stranger was released, to overwhelming critical acclaim.
August 1999 rolled out a new maxi single, Aoi Sora, as well as various intense performances at summer concert events, such as Fuji Rock Festival. In November, their single Machi (not actually the music video…but you can hear the song) was released, and then their 2nd album, Zukan was released in January of 2000, produced by the genius, Jim O’Rourke. In April, they released their famous song, Harukaze, and had a country wide tour, “Setagaya-sen Kyuukei Sharyou wo Nokosou Campaign” (Setagaya-line Old Fashioned Vehicle Abandonment Campaign) in which all 12 performances were sold out, before performing that summer at various events including Summer Sonic 2000 and Rock in Japan Festival in which they once again stirred up a whirlwind.

A new turning point came in October, with their release of the single, Wandervogel. Fans were shocked at their adoption of breakbeat sound. Continuing on January 24th, 2001, their single Bara no Hana featured Miki-chan from Supercar, making fan’s expectations swell, then on February 21st, their long awaited 3rd album, Team Rock was released. Dripping with a unique, unbound sound style since their very debut, they quickly released a bestof album in 2001.

More country wide concert tours started from April on, “Team Party 2001” and “Team Party 200000001.” In June, their biggest concert tour, spanning 37 perfomances, culminated with a final performance in Hibiya Yagai. During the tour, they cut the single, River, which was included in their Team Rock album. Summer of 2001 started off with Fuji Rock Festival and was followed by numerous open air festivals. In September, guitarist Tasshin Omura officially joined the band.

From September on, having become a 4 member group, Quruli then began recording their 4th album. February 20th, 2002 saw the release of the single World’s End Supernova. Rei Harakami, highly praised in the music world for his Red Curb album, Co-Fusion, and Shaka Zombie’s Tsucchi remixed 3 of their songs which were then released as a mini-album. On March 20th, 2002, their long awaited 4th album, The World is Mine went on sale. Again, new dimensions were broken into with new modes. It was their greatest masterpiece yet.


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