Plastic Tree – Kanshou Diary

Sentimental Diary

Lyrics: Sato Kenken
Composition: Nakayama Akira
Arrangement: Plastic Tree

Elegy   an aacceleratingreverberation
Melody   as though singing to oneself every day
What wont abate are dreams   they simply wont stop
While fading behind closed eyes

The coming distance is drawn   as if carved in response
No future   blue sky   chasing after it   now   with you

The passing night struggles   in the form of connected words
Colorless scenery   colored   Our actions

The untouchable afterimage is what is sorrowful
Eternity   You   Like we’re being separated
What is painful is simply incomprehensible
Love fallen ill   but not vanishing

Drifting in darkness comes to mind   submerged in reaching shadows
A nameless voice and impulse   in me   now   begins to question

The passing night returns   like a string of spun words
In an unsolvable lie

That day   the window softly yawned
Swaying   Suddenly   pushing the curtains
Next to me   you also suddenly yawned
In this room   Scattered fragments of me

The coming distance is drawn   as if carved in response
No future   blue sky   I simply chased after it   with you

Various choices day after day    words connected disappear
Changing colors   tears

Repeated wanderings   heaped in my arms
From an unwished for basket   I   am reaching out my arms

Perhaps   Like burnable trash   If tomorrow, the world were to end
This colorless me will   be dyed   Our actions


Quruli – Fuyu no Bourei

Winter’s Apparition

Lyrics: Shigeru Kishida
Music: Shigeru Kishida

It’s left aside when I’m not there anymore
Since I’m not doing the cleaning and laundry anymore
This has already happened with the last three people
Don’t upset things more than they are

And then, soon enough, I’ll come to meet you
So just wait, and don’t get upset about it
Like a pole obstructing the strength to push,
Like a stone blocking blood vessels

From compiled old albums
Ghosts begin to stir
Come on home, the rigid palace
It’s like sneaking away to throw it all out

In that case, what should I do with nothing
Where will the naked king go
Hindered by flab and unable to move
Where is the invisible future