Adventures in Music (November)

Welcome back to Adventures in Music. This month: Hige, Ubiquitous, and Bentham.


Starting out, Hige‘s album Nemuranai…I honestly was surprised to realize this was Hige. I’d definitely run into them before, but this being a new computer, I don’t have access to all my old music, so I only have a Nirvana tribute album with Hige participating on here. Anyway, when initially listening to this one, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the first track. It’s nice, chill…reminds me of some of Quruli’s more mellow tunes.

Moving on, though, we have Never Land Cruising. These intro guitars made me very happy in a sort of Radiohead/Nothing’s Carved in Stone kind of way. Post intro, though is a completely different creature. Chill, but a little chaotic. I like it. Basically, this album is full of little things I love, but also weird little things that drive me crazy. Like the repetitiveness of Innocent (What’s Going on?), which reminds me of this! It’s a mostly great album. I’m glad I picked it up. Just not that song.

Highlights: “S.S.” and “Nante Suteki na ibitsu”


Let’s go to Ubiquitous next. So, the story goes: Originally I was going to pick up the new Brian the Sun release, because I love them…I’ve grabbed everything else of theirs, why not the new one (Schrodinger no Neko), right? Then I gave this a listen. I was originally a little on the fence..I mean, Brian the Sun came with a postcard! BUT! I saw that Ubiquitous had a flyer. I thought I’d just grab the flyer as a reminder to pick them up on a later trip. But…what’s this? A recommend from a member of Kuusou Iinkai? I LOVE THEM! WAT!? Well, needless to say, I was convinced to give them a longer listen, because track 1 was a little…okay. But track 2, Kyacchi suru Sentaku, from that squirrely guitar intro, to the chorus’ hook won me. Completely.

I was also very much sold by the nicely done mixing on Kiseki wa Boku no Machi de. Very nice touch with each alternating verse coming through a different headphone side. Such a simple touch, but so rarely encountered. Anyway, turns out this one also came with a sticker, pretty cool, and an invite to an instore event for the band….which had already passed. Wat, Tower Records? Wat?

Highlights: “Kyacchi suru Sentaku,” “Kiseki wa Boku no Machi de,” and “Hero no Tsukuri kata


And last, of this trip, Bentham‘s OMG album. I was honestly expecting to snort at the temerity of calling your own album OMG, but then I started listening to it and literally said “oh my god!” I really liked the bass in the intro to the first track “YUMENOMONOGATARI,” and really, since I put this on my ipod, this song has been stuck in my head, nonstop. This is easily the standout purchase of the trip.

This band has some incredibly fun guitar hijinks and very catchy hooks. The vocals are very par the course for what’s available right now (that kind of higher pitched not quite nasaly sound)(not saying that’s a bad thing or anything, just the current trend)(I blame Bump of Chicken, honestly), nothing terribly shocking there, but this band definitely sucker punched me with YES. So I grabbed that too.


Highlights: YUMENOMONOGATARI and Crazy Girl


Tragically left behind to be returned for at a later date: Brian the Sun – Schrodinger no Neko, DEFINITELY!

The Mortal – I AM IMMORTAL, wow, Atsushi goin back to industrial sound…interesting AND nostalgic. But I’ll wait on this one for now.

Rekishi – Shikibu, come on, what’s not to love!?


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