○ Seibutsu ●

To somewhat mitigate the pain of the previous post, I decided to add the opening and closing poems attached to the opening and closing songs of the Hakusei album, both of which are called “Seibutsu,” but with different meanings in the kanji.

○ – Seibutsu – Living Thing

The sun has passed away from us.

● – Seibutsu – Silent Object

All a screening is, is afterimage and echo,
recollected in a movie theater.
It hangs like a thin membrane,
quietly floating over people’s faces.

Everyone here has run to a single empty box.
Trying to think of various directions, but
the katakana’s cold sound effects
are bothersome, and I can’t chase after them.

If you go back and turn your face to it,
the clock is limply bent off.

You can’t read the time again, can you.

Surely, the real thing is somewhere.
And, if you notice, and raise your head up,
It’s empty

They say it’s good for everything to be simple

The noisy universe


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