Ji Ma Ma – Garlic Toast

This is one of those strangely fun songs from way back that has been memorable enough for me to keep listening to it through the years even though I’m not a huge fan of much else the artist does. The video is bizarre and wonderful, so I decided to see if it had anything to do with the lyrics. Not so much. But hey, robots are cool, right?

The shoes I threw have crossed the horizon
As though the world was simply like a parabola
The piano echoes out making me want to cry
And I thought “I need to go buy some new shoes”

Let’s go somewhere, with no destination
Looking back, the TV is saying goodbye

Chewing at some garlic toast, I knew something had come to an end
It seemed to burst open with tomorrow’s premonition

The clown laughed, and I laughed back
His baggy shirt flapping in the wind
There is a circus now, with all its various things, but
He said “let’s talk about it some other time”

Well, let’s start from A to Z
Using only your favorite paint colors

In exchange for the melody we’ve lost
I’ll give you a useless tale
As though nobody can be happy

I wonder if we’ll ever meet again
No, we’ll never see each other again
Just a little bit, our fingers touched then parted
As though remembering something forgotten
Gazing into the distance, it was a little heartbreaking, wasn’t it

I want to see only that which hasn’t been seen
What I want right now is  a revolutionary kiss

The garlic toast is burnt,
so I dipped it into the coffee that was a little too strong
It had the scent of a god

When the Rafflesia blooms,
It will bless my plans to meet you
Let’s eat garlic toast together




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